An unusual presentation of epigastric pain due to thrombophlebitis of a recanalised umbilical vein - case report

Jakub Chmelo, Barry Dent, Nicholas Newton, Peter Coyne


Introduction: The umbilical vein can become recanalised due to portal hypertension in patients with liver cirrhosis but the condition is rarely clinically significant. Although bleeding from this enlarged vein is a known complication, the finding of thrombophlebitis has not been previously described.
Case report: We report the case of a 62-year-old male with a history of liver cirrhosis due to alcoholic liver disease presenting to hospital with epigastric pain. A CT scan of the patient’s abdomen revealed a thrombus with surrounding inflammatory changes in a recanalised umbilical vein. The patient was managed conservatively and was discharged home the following day.
Conclusion: Thrombophlebitis of a recanalised umbilical vein is a rare cause of abdominal pain in patients with liver cirrhosis.

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umbilical vein, thrombophlebitis, liver cirrhosis