Výživa u open abdomen

Libor Urbánek, Lenka Veverková, Jan Žák, Michal Reška


Open abdomen is known as a serious consequence of various intra-abdominal pathologies. Initially, patients often have a life-threatening condition, sepsis or septic shock. Severe stress related malnutrition, mineral and fluid imbalance develop as metabolic consequences. Intestinal fistulas also occur as a frequent complication in patients with open abdomen. In such patients, a comprehensive approach is needed, including rehabilitation, nutritional support using optimal formulas, and local care for the open abdomen. Our case report presents a patient with open abdomen and enterocutaneous fistulation. A complex nutritional approach in the course of the disease is described and its importance is discussed. Finally, a summary of nutritional care for open abdomen patients is provided based on current recommendations.

Klíčová slova:

open abdomen – výživa-energetická potřeba – potřeba proteinu